Flights are booked – Peru, here I come!

As I had announced in my last post, I will travel to Peru for a visit this year before eventually moving there next year. Since then plans have been made and changed but now I can finally say: Peru, here I come!

I have booked my flight to Lima for 5 November, where I will stay for a few days before traveling to Cusco. In Cusco I will spend 2 weeks with a Peruvian host family, studying Quechua (the indigenous language spoken by about 13 per cent of the population of Peru, primarily in the area where the hospital Diospi Suyana is located) and exploring the rich history of the Inca. After all, Cusco was the capital of the extensive Inca Empire until its fall with the Spanish colonization.

At the end of my stay in Cusco I will make my way to Curahuasi to visit my future workplace. I am very much looking forward to getting to know the area where I will be living starting next year.

I am also looking forward to reporting on my experiences in Peru during and after the trip!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have so far supported me in my endeavors: the VM International team, my friends and family and, most importantly, everyone who has donated to my project! Without you this would not have been made possible!

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