Good News: I Have A New Family!

My new family!

No, I didn’t leave my biological family nor my church family. Nonetheless, I am excited to announce that I am now part of a new family: the VM International family!

VM International will be the missionary organization that will employ me in Germany, help me with all the bureaucratic tasks to be done in Germany as well as the fundraising, and they will eventually send me to Peru!

On June 17, I had a meeting with the board of the organization where I got to introduce myself and my project. After my presentation, the board decided to take my project on and welcome me into the VM International family. From June 29 to July 2, I got to join my new family for a retreat in the idyllic monastery of Altenhohenau. I was able to meet and get to know some of my new family members, missionaries and staff with VM International. It was a blessed time with great people and interesting input on different subjects.

This week it has now been made official! I can now be found on the VM International website, picture and all!

Another important piece of news to go along with this announcement is:

Online donations are now open!

You can directly go to this website to make a donation or see the donations page for more information on why or how to donate!

Those news, however, have also changed my plans for when to actually leave for Peru. During the meeting in June it was mentioned that I have never been to Latin America or Peru before. This has been seen as a bit of an issue, seeing as I am making a commitment to living and working in a country halfway across the world that I have never set foot in before.

Therefore, it is now decided that I will visit Peru for 4 weeks this year. I am very excited for the chance to see the country first as a visitor before I eventually move there. After this visit I will return to Germany, hopefully with a lot of impressions, photos and stories to tell. However, I will not be able to finance this trip all by myself. That is why I am counting on you to support me as I plan this trip!

When I will actually move to Peru and begin my work there depends on you! After my return to Germany I will be employed by VM International as soon as your donations will make it possible for them to employ me and pay me from your donations. More information on that to follow!

Thank you all for your support!

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